Cinturón Negro was born as an audiovisual project around 2007-2008 at Santiago of Chile, influenced by Turntablism,classic Hip Hop and Blaxploitation Movies,it has released music thru Zupton Son (Canada),Nekubi Tapes (Greece),Alpha Experimental Breaks (Chile) and also by his own label "Barbatruco Producciones",he has played live many times since 2009 to the date,specially in Chile,Switzerland & Greece,he's also a selector and collector of sounds,sampling being his main weapon,he also co-founded with POLAR (from Punta Arenas,Chile and also co-founder of the seminal electronic group "Lluvia Acida"),the audiovisual project "Maquinistas" and also two radioshows "In Sur Gentes" & "Located Riddims" at "La Face B" (from Montreal,Canada) and he's also the creator of "Sampling is not a Crime" radioshow at Root Radio (Istambul,Turkey) based on sampled music,and sampled artists.

IG: @c_n_9x8