Aging Alexithymic is a sound exploration project of Tunisian multipotentialite artist Yassine Kharrat. The selection is a glimpse of post-punk, alternative, and noise rock releases, enhanced by a fusion of experimental post-industrial ambiences, perfect for strolling through the unfolded time landscape between the '80s and the present.


Current 93 & Nick Cave- Patripassian
Black Egg - Egg Mantra
Veleveteloca - Cuidades Subterráneas
Preoccupations - March of Progress
Abwärts - Masochist
The Prats - Disco Pope
Scars - David
Zevla - Xaravgi
Lonesaw - Barbed Wire Church
Midori - Doping * noise noise kiss
Just Mustard - Pictures
Sproatlysmith - O! Death (The nightbirds remix)
Erasers - Wandering
Dead Can Dance - Spirit