This episode is dedicated to our musical foremothers whose voices led us to the liberation of self and society. The anthology of slutty Arab music explores the eros of Middle Eastern and North African pop music. Central to this movement are a generation of female singers, the likes of Haifah Wehbe, Ruby, and Nancy Ajram, who destabilized an entire region with the force of their sensuality alone.These women wholly embody their carnal selves, unabashedly evoking passion and appetite; they transformed before us, through TV screens, CD players and in internet cafes, to emblems of a cultural revolution.

As pop icons, these women arouse within us a primordial connection; their music an instrument of revolution against puritanical paradigms. The threat of their artistry compelled their societies to confront their paradoxes and in doing so, exposed the fragility of their value systems, and redefined the meaning of Arab womanhood. They exist at a unique nexus of hateful vitriol and unconditional adoration; it is this very contradiction that underscores their revolutionary prowess. They embody nuance and its liberative capabilities within a context of legislative, religious, and domestic binaries. The depth and impact of their work has historically been dismissed as mere sensationalism, but this episode directly deconstructs that idea.

I have enlisted my dear friends Darine (@stilld.a.r) and Nadine (@goodkidnaadcity), also known as the Tahan Twins, to curate a playlist that offers us a sonic exploration of female Arab inhibition. In fact, my friendship with the twins is a direct result of the solidarities made possible by these women! An entire ecosystem of intimacy and community was born from their labour. We wish to invite you to experience this community of sex and sensuality with us!

Edited by: Khatira Mahdavi (@514habibi)

An Eznak Ya Mallem – Rola
Kedah Leeh Beidary – Rouby
Gani El Asmar -n
Bos Alaya – Dana Halabi
Men El Eyeen De – Tracy
Mogabah – Nancy Ajram
Saharni – Najwa Karam
El Wawa – Haifa Wehbe
Taala Ya – Nancy Ajram
Ana Haifa – Haifa Wehbe
Mosh Adra Istanna - Haifah Wehbe
Elaab – Maria
Baheb El Horeya – Mena & Nahla
Aloula – Fairouz