Remember NuBeat x New Beat? Ever heard of Agreppo? These days those terms refer to a pretty much forgotten, yet highly influential sound, style, vibe and genre aesthetic which ruled dancefloors in certain European countries for a short a while towards the end of the 80s as a quasi sonic Venn diagram incorporating influences of the EBM, Industrial and Synth Pop scene that was but well pointing towards the futuristic Techno, Electro, Rave derivatives which were about to take over in the 90s yet to come. With this months mix show Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii pays homage to the sound of his formative years with both original tracks from named era, unreleased dubplate cuts, novelty-leaning ProtoTechno, AcidHouse and related goodness that picks up on the spirit of those days which will hopefully see a large scale revival at some point in the near future.