Let's go back. Way back. Way back in time. For this months show Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii steps into the time machine that the unending depths of his vinyl archives provide and reminisces about the early 90s.

A time when the raw euphoria of Rave and Techno had just begun to conquer European - and especially German... - dancefloors and didn't fail to make a major impression on what became a young and aspiring raver throughout these years, with sounds unheard of before blasting through massive club p.a. systems and even being broadcasted via commercial daytime radio occasionally as the increasing popularity of electronic music catapulted tunes into the pop charts that had done damage on underground dancefloors only months prior to mainstream success.

This 60 minute selection is an ode to the untamed and unchannelled energy of this era which will always have a special place in baze.djunkiii's heart for a reason.