Current's May 2024 edition focuses on a high tempo & abstract side of the sonic spectrum before giving a summer break. As usual, find the fresh tracks from the second half of 2023 and last 5 months. Recorded on a pair of CDJ-350 so might be bumpy at some points, but glad to be able to gather some old friends, new pals, and favourites from the past year in the same hour.

Thanks a lot for all dear listeners & guests who became a part of current during the last season - see you all in September!

IG: @morrolander

Rezzett - Borjormi Spring
DJ Strawberry - Feedback loopjuke
Sun People - Tell Me Something
Allone - Intensity (A.Fruit Remix)
Capiuz - Catch You Back
Roza Terenzi - BabySteppers Delight
Arnav & Chaitu - Magic Masala (160 VIP)
Toma Kami - Hot Trash
Y.a.M.A. - Vroom
Neida & Le Motel - Sweatin'
Granul - 3ajayeb
Hassan Abou Alam - Shalfata
Blame - Infinity Drums (An Avrin Remix)
Superabundance - Tempopalace
Jlin - Obscure
Heavee - Bounce Dat (Ft. Paypal and Dan TOG)
Zoë Mc Pherson - Potentials (Jana Rush Remix)
Neida - Halfway
Jurango - Mount
Neekeetone - Let's Go