Fifth episode of CURRENTS - a bi-monthly radio show by SANSOUNI.

Cutting edge electronic music with ethereal qualities. Percussive, moody, melancholic and bass-driven. Sometimes dark and rough and sometimes light. This episode is one of the darkest and moodiest I've done..


Evian Christ - Xkyrgios

Nahash - Davide XV feat. Elise Massoni (Tim Reaper Remix)

Aquarian Delicious Intent

Asifeh and Firas Shehadeh - Shadow Unit

E-Saggila - Pattern Obligation

Daniel Avery - Going So Low


Otik -Epiphania

ZIYIZ - Ziyiziyiziyiziyiziyiz

Main Phase - Bluku

Hunter Lombard - Phos

Aquarian - A Familiar Place

Alpha Tracks - Starbeams

Alpha Tracks - Rainbow Worms

Soft Blade - Zerkalo

Evian Christ - Run Boys Run

Nathan Fake - Bawsey