Coming from the hiphop world and culture, Chris tiller Aka the seven+ Dj and Producer Lost in the minimalistic fast wierdo grooves



Groundwork (West Code Remix)

Troy Tzeentch [kw36]

MegaPower Airflow (original mix)

OBM notion Peacefulness

Sylvermay supersonic ( Extended Mix)

Ziskothe art of Restraint

Javi soriaPussy cat (chris remix ) unreleased track

Colibri (Pakard Remix) · Symbolism · Pakard

Rodent Pluton (zisko Ceremonial Remix)

Dj dextro insana (original mix)

Fixon -fire and ashes(original mix)

alberto tolo the drummer(original mix)

The Miller -Gate (ANNE REMIX)