Diving into the depths of Paris's music scene since 2020, Merging powerful rhythms and hypnotic sounds, UZI NAS creates an immersive and unforgettable sonic experience for his audience. His distinctive style and passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music set him apart on the underground scene. Hard Techno with a strong inclination for deep sounds, a constant pursuit of exploring dark and captivating musical landscapes.

His style can be described as an under space trip. As the founder of ABSTRACT GUARDIANS , UZI NAS is committed to supporting and promoting artists who share his passion for hardcore music. His dedication to innovation and experimentation makes him a formidable force in the contemporary music landscape.

IG: @uzinas_music

1) Klubbheads-Kickin'Hard (Dj Daddy Trance Remix)
2) Kuss & Mac Decios-Give it To Me (Nelly X-Rated Edit)
3) Lacchesi-Someday
4) Part Time Killer - Tarntula (Lacchesi Remix)
5) Pixel Puise
6) Lachesi-Keppra 500
7) Premiere: Lachesi - Motherlodemotherlodmotherlode[MCR010]
8) Sina XX & Lacchesi - Goth it [BODYTOBODY002|Premiere]
9) Funk Assault-Thats The Funk Assault [PI01]
10) Premiere_Funk Assault - Screenshots Of Compliments [PI01]
11) Premiere_Funk Assault - I Am A DJ Too[PI01]
12) Premiere_Funk Assault - Signing Your Own Post[PI01]
13) VOST - Concept (Lacchesi RawBot Mix)
14) [Premiere]Mac Decios - No User Serviceable Parts
16) Hooligans
17) ascendant vierge - Influenceur
18) Charlie Sparks - Hollaback Girl
19) Charlie Sparks - my Humps