Discover the mesmerizing podcast of The Open Circle, a masterful dub techno artist who takes you on a sonic journey. With a harmonious fusion of deep basslines, enchanting echoes, and pulsating rhythms, this talented artist creates a unique atmosphere that fills your mind with pure delight. In this set you will find also some own releases from the Belgium based artist. His releases can be found as vinyl and digital on some well-known labels in the Deep dub techno scene.

Whether you seek an introspective listening experience or a danceable trip into the unknown. Let yourself be carried away by the deep tones and surrender to the emotions evoked by each track. Explore the distinctive sound of The Open Circle and let your soul surrender to the endless possibilities of dub techno. Prepare for a sonic journey of discovery that will never let you go. Step into the circle of sound and let yourself be carried away by the masterful sounds of this extraordinary artist.



00:00 Liuos - Near the Surface

05:20 Lotech-Hijack - I See the Fear

10:00 SND & RTN - Dub Conjurer

14:00 BDTom - Parallel Movement

20:00 The Open Circle - Days

26:00 Angel Lebailly - Illusion (Original Mix)

30:00 Dubdude - Yours

35:50 Bluetrain - Read My Mind

44:00 Delano Smith - Free To Explore (Interpreted By Makam)

50:44 Luke Hess & Harrison - Benthos (Original Mix)

55:00 Everything But The Girl - Missing (The Open Circle remix)