For the penultimate episode of their residency, Qant invites De Là Je L'espère member Fatale Furylax. Taking care of the first half of the show, she will take you on a trip on the more experimental size of contemporary bass music. For the second half, expect dubby jungle goodness from Qant.



Zero Crossing Point - Comb Pad Pression

Manonmars & Ishan Sou - Skinhead Chick

Corin - Sunta

Chewlie - Run

Capiuz - 0400 (Ancestral Vision Remix)

Beatrice M. - Unreleased

Tymotica - Wrkt48

Gamma Intel - 5AM-SBM

Ehua - Leggera

Manonmars & Ishan Sou - Nuke The Threat

Chewlie - Flow Beneath

Roi OS - Titan

Peder Mannerfelt - Business in the Front

Kahter - Paradise Lost

Vanda Forte - Makbout Sarcey

Ila Burgal - Airstrike


Istari Lasterfarhrer - No More Dub [Acid Skanking]

Moresounds - Cannabis [Self Released]

Sun People - Amaterasu [Defrostatica]

Maquis Son Sistèm - Drône Chasseur [Folklore]

Refreshers - Crumbling Down [Future Retro]

Champion Sound - Creation [Dubcore]

FFF - Dubplate Skankin [Cat In The Bag]

Qant - Different Design [Vibez'93]

Toumba - Gasab Sokkar [Worst Behavior]

Qant - No Niceness [Trajectoire]

Qant - Repression Dub [Vibez'93]

Red Light - Dangerous [Deep Jungle]

DJ Stretch - Papa Lover (Theory Remix) [Ako Beatz]

Dev-Null & K-Rox - The Bommer [Future Retro]

Flatliners - Raw Fi Dub [45Seven]

Unknown Artist - 001 Side B [Uncultured]

Qant - Busted Version [Mains Courantes]

The Untouchables - Stance [Rupture LDN]

Moresounds - Deep Base [Dub Stuy]

The Untouchables - War Of Kings [45Seven]

The Untouchables - Pon-a-Dread [Rupture LDN]