A mix of musical experimentations by artists from around the world who have been supporting the global movement to call for an end to the genocidal actions of the Israeli state in Gaza. Also this mix includes some classics of revolutionaries who have passed including Victor Jara. This mix is woven with sounds from demonstrations to support Palestine in Mexico City.

01. Mexico City protest, drumming and chants
02. Ana Tijoux, Somos Sur ft. Shadia Mansour
03. Victor Jara, Manifiesto
04. Arabic interview with Elsa Belmont at Palestine solidarity protest in Mexico City
05. Stefan Christoff, Brother Jordan
06. Daniel Carter & Stefan Christoff, Improvisation 1 (T. Gowdy remix)
07. Daniel Carter & Stefan Christoff, Oort Cloud (Ana Quiroga remix)
08. Daniel Carter & Stefan Christoff - Trickster (Nixtrove remix)
09. Daniel Carter & Stefan Christoff - Replacements ( Philippe Battikha remix)
10. Interview with Kevin Gould from Academics for Palestine at Concordia University in Montreal
11. Secret Pyramid, Broken Wing (playing below interview)