TITO+, a member of the ONNO Collective, presents a new mix commemorating ONNO's three-year journey.

The mix features deep cuts from the label's compilation discography, spanning from their inaugural various artists release, "rough cuts," in 2021, to their most recent compilation tape, ⟶ অন্য (ONNO), launched in 2024.

Providing a comprehensive overview of the diverse sonic palette of artists showcased in ONNO's tape offerings, the mix aims to highlight outstanding left-field and experimental recordings from contributors within India's continually expanding experimental music scene.




Deadmanglad - Sickness
TITO+ - Violence becomes Tranquility
Ritwik - Toxic Perfume
Human Harmonics - ETHER
FleshEatingTurtles - plastic fishie
Konflicts - Atman
Dolorblind - Primrose
Angia - Bitextual
Skulk - The Bell Tolls
Planck - Wetlands
Jay Kshirsagar - KINK CRIMSON
Owl Vibration - I wish I could go at the end of dec but I regret saying yes
Fursat FM - Slowly mutating forests