I'm LPASS a tunisian dj who plays a mainly bass artist but this time i went in a different path with ebsm , dark wave and drk clubbing.

The genres in this mix are ebsm, dark clubbing and dark wave.

At first, I was only playing bass music in general and one day i went to a rave in Tunisia organized by a collective called "Dark is the new disco" and they mainly played ebm , tbm , dark wave, post punk and electro.

I directly got obsessed with the culture of that music and that sound, the vibe and everything. From that point, I kept on digging until i found these genres in the set which they give a really dark wavy cyberpunk vibe.

It's like time travel it takes you to club at the year 3025 and that's the fantasy i wanted to express with this set. Plus, i'm addicted to the really strong slap from it's basslines...

Soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/eTgzKSpGokdEqFc9A
IG: @lppassss_25

PERTURBATOR - venger (feat. Greta link)
PERTURBATOR - death squad
Sierra - hide
Chaos vector - EXOGENESIS
Chaos vector -VANGUARD
Chaos vector - COLD RESPONSE
Chaos vector - HONOR
SWARZ - Walk
SWARZ - Sinister
Mascarpone - nightmare theory
Mascarpone - The smoking chicken
Vodnet - lights out
Tarik bouisfi - schizophrenia
Into the pale abyss - haunted
Into the pale abyss - cybergenesis
HEX - cursebreaker
Aesthetic perfection - sex (MORIS BLAK remix)
Kofin moris blak - Neo coven
MORIS BLAK - house of the fallen suns
Tarik bouisfi - master of pain