Mostaken is a producer and DJ currently based in Istanbul,Turkey. He specializes in harsh electronics, hard techno, industrial, and experimental genres. Mostaken has multiple releases in different styles that shape his sound and resonate with his audience. He has released tracks on platforms such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

IG: @nbirockstar.flac & @m.shukair1

ziur - Bottoms
Krolik - Epiphany
Strahinja Arbutina - Cold-Hearted one liners
city, i.o - Anxiety Object
Saint Abdullah - The carnal soul
Tehransmission - Leaving the Planet
Headland - Sour
Hidden Element - Offset Range1
Herva - Xid
33 - Fireworks
KROLIK - Hard Banzai
Soda Plains - Manto
Cartridge & Biome - Ricky Rosé
Duma - Corners in Nihil
VISIO - Extasi Exile
KROLIK - Hard Crash
Dutch E Germ - Slow Thumb
WULFFLUW XCIV - Nyege Digital Immersion
Noire Antidote - And So We Praise the Havoc
Elvin Brandhi - HAUNT
Krolik - Target Lockdown
Agustin Genoud - devoiced
Bulma - Ronin
Črno Klank - État des stocks
Deli girls - punk girl-for lack of a better word
Gerald S - That Picture's Got A Headache
Lana Del Rabies - Submerge
Saint Abdullah - Haqq
Shades - Two One Six