Second episode of "From The Swamp" with another selection of moody percussions and heavyweight frequencies.



Goth-Trad - Locomotive
D.O.K - I Am Eternal
Ternion Sound - Let Me Out
Pugilist - Under Cover
Kahter - CBD Control
Chunky x Dors - Baah
Big Kani - The Antithesis
Quest - Vampires
Simo Cell - Short Leg
Pugilist - Daggers
Azu Tiwaline x Cinna Peyghamy - Lowww
Blame - Bells
Tristan Arp - Circling The Abyss
Phil Stroud - The Forest
Pugilist - Your Doing It Wrong
Kahter - Impendi
Johnny Hunter - 89 Brakes
Euphonic - Meltdown
Cassius Select - Sicko Groove
Kahter - Spores