Incredibly personal fusion of the respective personas that are Versogiu and Sacre. Each of them throwing unexpected sonic references at the other, most often provoking a strong emotional response in both bodies. The set was made in extreme tiredness but with extreme love, it mixes bass, abstract and nostalgically tortured works with broken loopy stuff. It’s special, it’s their ride.





Astrid Sonne - My Attitude My Horoscope
REALIST!C - exbisexual
DJ Presença - Co2
Ciel - Bamboo
Grischa Lichtenberger - Deckungen Nivellierung
Greenleaf - Bellwether
Loraine James - Fruit 4
Rodrigo BK - 1
Clarity - Hell’s Gate
Driven By Attraction, Tadan - Beone
Actress - Jimmy
adam raphael - reflection dub
Dj Olive - A thing like this
Mia Koden - 10easy
Bapari (feat. Kidä) - Outskirts
Cypha - Cause 1
EQ Why - Lose My Mind
Dog404 - MARIA
Sablemik - bagra phaser