I thought of this mix as a poultice to war, inspired by a rally launched by Les Guerrières de la Paix in Paris. It starts with a dark, disquieting atmosphere and evolves into a hypnotic movement whose superimposed rhythms lead to trance, as if opening access to another reality. The selecta ends on lighter notes, with a final break in tempo, like an almost meditative lull, on the universal words “My love, my love”.



Black Needle - Atrium Carceri

Head Light - Mary Velo

Hands of Stone (Original Mix) - Valo

Centripetal Force - Anechoic

Saboteur - MATRiXXMAN

Paranoia Sketch - Klint

Twice The Rice - Yogg

Model 2 (Slam Remix) - Truncate

Bernose - Juri Heidemann

FMRA - Subjected

Matchbox (Original Mix) - Reakson

Thin Blue Line - Setaoc Mass

Time Machine (Shinichiro Imanari remix) - Lars Huismann

Thin Blue Line - Setaoc Mass

Pressure - Devilfish

They Control Us - Emmanuel

Indigo - Slone

Seethrough - Setaoc Mass

Tidal Locking - Connor Wall

Resistance - Iliyan Tomov

Big Deal - Pink Concrete

Gutted - Burial