Louve A set that wrote itself in a poem, for its will to live was too big. This mix is an unconscious reflection of fear and confrontation, of the inside and outside aspects of life. To be continued…

SETLIST IN POETRY Soft Tissue, Too Much Water, Simple Life. State/Function The Ancient Truth, Moth Remain Neutral Escape 4 Desert Landscape Skew Wif. Momada Race To The Bottom Yearning4u Save My Heart Star Children & Qsys



Downstairs J - Soft Tissue

Bernard Fêvre - Too Much Water

Prism - Simple Life

ANF - State/Function

Maara - The Ancient Truth

Shakey - Moth

Restive Plaggona - Remain Neutral

Toko - Escape 4

Harmon Eyes - Desert Landscape

Subhead - Skew Wif

Muslimgauze - Momada

Daniel Savio - Race To The Bottom

Conna Haraway - Yearning4u

Fetisch Park - Save My Heart

Tinutik - Star Children & Qsys