Another edition of Shuia Shuia. Let's stop time. Let's go nowhere in our minds. Let's sit in the breeze. Dance in the silence. Speak with our eyes. Close our hands. Touch time. Let it go. Stay to breathe.


Marta Forsberg - Part 4_ Singing for Each Other

Unknown artist - L'humanité entière

Reichmelt - Todos los fuegos

Pascal Savy - Asleep

Swim Platform - Surface 2

Second Woman - Apart II

XDB - Mystic AV

Ursprung - Mummenschanz

Eden Aurelius - Plateau

Deepchord - Immersion I

Rising Sun - Eternal 1

Surgeon - Golden

Civic grace - We Gave Ourselves Away

Translate & Pulso - Mind Paths

Answer Code Request - Audax

Pan American - Place Names