Diving headfirst into this month’s activities, DjSport proposes a high energy set designed to accompany you into a sharp skydive towards unknown universes.
An hour-long jump paced by bass and dubstep tunes.
Gear up!

Unt - Love is power II
Rockstone - 187
RDG - Hypersleep
Genus Aix - Rail Carrier
EM + Stav - Warp (Yussh remix)
Martini - Show me
Karima F - FHP
Trikk - Pandemonio (Or:la remix)
Tano - 10-11
The Native Language - King crab
Unknown mobile - Brain beat
Nebuchadnezzar - Emotions by proxy (as a service)
Zero crossing - Brainwash
Ophélie - Sulky Slug
Jobfit - Strike Pneumatic Tension
Daniel 58 - God save a bed for me I’m coming soon
Exael - Desire is a glitch feat. Zoe Darsee
Carnyx - Dycide
Talpah - Murrrderrr
Circular Square - J-N(ing)
Beatrice M - Crossing the rubicon