This month, only music. This month I come out of my cocoon to gallop and roll and roll and roll. Down tempo, trippy sound to DnB and bassy fast music. Finally, rock.

Ce mois, que de la musique. Ce mois-ci, je sors de mon cocon pour galoper et chavirer encore et encore.


eRikm - Ressac 4
Björk - It’s not up to you
Alien Mutation - Neuroscopic Bubbling Pond
Upsammy - Being Is a Stone
Polygonia & Popp - Honsu
Mindmapper & June Miller - Woods
Trois-Quarts Taxi System & DalidaCarnage - Manteau de Poussière
Turbinaria - Subversa
Ghost Warrior - Meet at Infinity
Eschen - Hallway Dance
Jan Loup - Admit Defeat
Svarog - Fields of Desolation
Sindh - Galathea
Hysteria Temple Foundation - Anunaki
Vardae - Floating
OK EG - Endless River
Seba & Paradox - Trezub
Jana Rush - Make Bitches Cum
Isabassi - Cynical
Pugilist - Serpentine
Torn - The Fear
Surly - Wait it the stick comes
Swan - Screen shot