A weekly 1 hour curation of music dug, sourced and shared that brings you fresh, rare, and hidden gems from a range of genres to create an engaging and social listening experience. Founded and hosted by Salah Sadeq inviting guest curators on rotation.

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Concept and Production by Salah Sadeq

Tracklist :
TCR #433 2.2.2024

Scapegoat (Pole rework) - Mike Schommer
Ordnad Magnetism - HXJKT
Motion - Orange A Boom
Forgotten Dream - Shalltoopeare
Subliminal Gossip - JonasKid
In the Dark - Chiati
Snakes Crawl - BURGLAR TOM
BE FREE (ACT I) - Canblaster
First Impression - Rosati
Zanga Mbongo - Ngwaka Son Systeme
Off - Hello Psychaleppo
4:4 4 Romantics - Tibia
Ordnad Magnetism - HXJKT