A weekly 1 hour curation of music that brings you fresh, rare, and hidden gems from all genres to create an engaging and social listening experience. Founded and hosted by Salah Sadeq inviting guest curators on rotation. Do get in touch for any submissions and interest.

For info, contact ss@salahsadeq.co

Concept and Production by Salah Sadeq

Close to Monday - Stranger
Beyondlands - Johanna Elina Sulkunen
Blyme - Soar
walk alone - Itytrack
Space Soul Mother - Suddenly WOW!
on my way to see you - Yoji
no problemo amigo - Skizzo Franick
Feel The Flow - Deep Excavations Ft. Morris Revy
FM Lead - Jackwasfaster
Spinnin' - Phil Weeks
Sentimentos Vem e Voam - Bernardo Campos
Disco-charade - Awiy -