This week we invite Flipit based in Berlin. We met him online and got a sense of his taste for digging. Surely we invited him on!

Everyone’s expression is unique, interesting and collaborative, so is the music, the art and the vision. We carry this essence in everything that is Techfui.

Our label brings family, friends and fresh talents together, and is built on a strong relationship around the people and their talents. We stay true to our roots, traditions and culture, always forward thinking and cutting edge.

Our platform is an honest expression of the soul, in a way that anyone experiencing it gets to explore what we feel and express it back to us.

It is about creating a feeling, a vibe, an atmosphere, in a person or a space with our art.

As of 2023 we are moving back to a vinyl only label with rare/special digital downloads on are bandcamp.

Regular showcases at TES in Tbilisi and more to come.

Radio Shows on Radio Al Hara and Radio Flouka