Killzen is a collaborative effort of two electronic musicians. We came together to create an immersive journey into a dark dystopian fantasia of our own where dreams crossfade with reality.

We make music which is emotional, retrospective, entrancing and in a world of its own. A weekly 1 hour curation of music that brings you fresh, rare, and hidden gems from all genres to create an engaging and social listening experience. Founded and hosted by Salah Sadeq inviting guest curators on rotation.

Do get in touch for any submissions and interest. For info, contact Concept and Production by Salah Sadeq



1. In Our Wake by KillZen (Strangers Lost in Paradise)

2. RITUAL (evocation) by Jon Hopkins, Vylana, 7RAYS, Ishq & Cherif Hashizume (Domino Recording Co


3. The Fading Light by Moonlight Wolves, Henry Saiz & Band (Natura Sonoris)

4. Confluence Loop by bela (Subtext / Multiverse LTD)

5. Ushina by Cardiogram (Independent Release)

6. Insurgence by Jaypei (Independent Release)

7. Omen by Leghet (Simulate)

8. Don’t Go by Nox Vahn (Anjunadeep)

9. FLORAL by Mind Against & CAY (DE) (HABITAT Recordings)

10. My Silence by Ary Sya (Siamese)

11. Mantis by Midnight Traffic (Qilla Records)

12. Dance Dance Dance by 8-Bit Culprit (Independent Release)