Bombie (@akanshathisside) is a New Delhi-based artist celebrated for her innovative fusion of electro, breakbeat, bass, acid grooves, house, techno, UKG.. all dirty machine music. Her music captivates with rattling percussions and hypnotic undertones, pushing the boundaries of the dance floor.

With this mix, Bombie unveils yet another layer, a deeper facet of her evolving artistry—a journey deeply personal and profound. She weaves together a tapestry of sounds, from the bops infused with iconic 303s, 808s, and 909s of the early '90s and 2000s that continuously resonate with her, to a few latest releases that ensnare her spirit.

Considering herself a digger first and a DJ second, she shares each track as a glimpse into the intimate recesses of her soul and the vast depths of her extensive music library. Dedicated to building a community of like-minded artists and listeners, Bombie stays true to her artistic vision, undeterred by the pressures of the social media landscape.

A weekly 1 hour curation of music that brings you fresh, rare, and hidden gems from all genres to create an engaging and social listening experience. Founded and hosted by Salah Sadeq inviting guest curators on rotation. Do get in touch for any submissions and interest.

For info, contact Concept and Production by Salah Sadeq


1 K-Hand - I Remember When - Acacia Records

2 Richie Hawtin - Akrobatix - Plus 8 Records

3 Ak41 - The Man Who Wasn't There - ZIMBRV03

4 The Hacker - Cold As Silence [M46] - Missile Records

5 Voigtmann - Lowrider - 20/20 Vision

6 Richie Hawtin - 96:01 02:00 - Minus Inc

7 Jammin Unit - Remote Car Babe - Originally on Temple Records, now called Temple Traxx

8 Tiga & The Martinez Brothers - Cleopatra - Turbo Recordings

9 Sysex - City Point - Plus 8 Records

10 DVS1 - Watchtower - HUSH

11 Lurka - Return - Black Box

12 RDG & Gaze III - The Zone - Cue Line Records

13 Don Froth - HR22 - WNCL Recordings

14 Richard Holhburn - Better Not Look Too Close - Acid Camp

15 R Cole - dW Elektro - Rose Garden INTL

16 Joey - Whut 4 - Elicit Records

17 Bluetoof - Newt Licker - Infa Red

18 Geerson - M23 - Purelinerecords