For the month of May, I have a very special guest hosting the show !
He is family, he is my brother, he is my best friend: the magical French/Corean artist Fractal Bounce 💥

It’s been a long time since I wanted him to take control of Tumba Fronteras, and finally, it happened.
This man is the first person ever to introduce me to the art of DJing, and with him, I learned so much about it.

So I really want to say thanks to him, because without him, I probably wouldn’t be a DJ, and the show wouldn’t exist.

We grew up together, so we share a lot of things, and one of those things is the love for Bass, Tribal and Psy music.

Fractal Bounce delighted us with a mix he cooked from our hometown in the suburbs of Paris.
The result a spicy, bassy, acid, psychedeledic Hour of music, merging some of the finest sounds of the actual electronic underground scene.

Enjoy this sharp and energised mix listening to Tumba Fronteras on Radio Flouka ✨

IG: @chymbaaa invites @fractalbounce.pojda

French Ii & Bastian Benjamin-Hive
Walton - Rolla
Kassian - X-303
Hassan Abou Alam-Hanshoof
Aloka - XTX3
Katch - Galactic
Keota - Wit Da Chrome
Osmode - Neï
Queniv - Unknown Territory
Ten Kuidao - Succubes
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata - Aquarius
Hassan Abou Alam - Shmoolaire (Original)
Frequent - Ganymede Station
Bricksquash - Gone'd off that ooee
CharlestheFirst, Supertask-Work - While You Talk
Nick León - Grito (Doctor Jeep Hyperactive mix)
Audio Goblin & Cut Rugs - Optimus Slime