Cyber Witch invites Amirazzz, the Russian-Arab DJ from Haifa, is a sonic explorer who defies genre constraints seamlessly blending hardcore industrial, goth, oriental melodies, funky house and the hardest techno in town.
Despite her youthful age she has become a resident sensation at "Aphroditechno" and a curator of the alternative goth electronic showcase, "Loonatix" at Kabareet Haifa.
Amirazzz's sets are a transformative journey that invites music lovers to experience the boundless possibilities of sonic alchemy.

Amirazzz: Step into the journy of my latest mix, where alternative electronic vibes intertwine with the mysterious vibe of goth culture.
Brace yourself for a captivating journey as I blend the industrial sounds of dark wave into this immersive musical experience.
Tune in and let the waves of darkness wash over you on.