Dijit (/ˈdɪdʒɪt/), is the stage name of the SWANA music producer Hashem L Kelesh, the electronic artist who's redefining cool without trying too hard. They stumbled into the music world by accident, juggling knobs and wires in a cluttered bedroom in Egypt's surreal capital that inevitably inspired the unique, mashed up sound of their tunes.


1- Essaie Pas - 514
2-Minyawi - Awrah
3-Dijit- goodbye
4-Mum- The ballad of the broken birdie
5- Aylu- Lignum
6-Abyusif - Malahi Feat. Rasha
7- chassol - birds pt1
8-Pari Eskandari- chador
9-Dijit - Loli feat Lella dada
10- hamada ellaithy feat. mark salamah- tareeq elandal
11- Serum- Cape Fear
12- Dijit -#1
13- Arca- Umbilical
14- Dijit - TB
15- Azina el ali- toob elbouny
16-Omni trio/foul play- Renegade snares foul play remix
17-Dijit- Badw
18-Dijit- Saga